Choosing the Right Breed of Rabbits

Raising rabbits is something exciting for both the old and young alike. Proper planning is of the essence to achieve successful results rather than a string of disappointments. One of the many consideration when thinking of raising rabbits is what breed to choose. Having the right one can make a huge difference in how well you consider your decision. So consider carefully what you will expect from the rabbit before going out and spending money of the equipment and the rabbit itself. There are … [Read more...]

Raising Goats for Milk

There are different breeds of goats that are used for milk production. Many breeds of goats are well suited for producing milk though each has it’s own benefits and considerations. Many people are not aware that goats are not only kept for their milk as some farmers choose to keep goats for their meat or even fiber. Texas is largest producer in the US of mohair with over 200,000 angora goats being raised for this purpose. For a small farm goats have many great attributes as opposed to cows. … [Read more...]

Sharing Our Experience Raising Chickens

Farming comes in various forms. There is crop farming and animal farming. You can choose to do both depending on the amount of land, time, and of course your desire to do so. When you do something that you passionately love, chances are that you will succeed. Knowing what you want and setting goals to get there are important. For many raising chickens is an easy farm animal to manage and fun to boot. I decide to raise chickens on Amaral Farms primarily for their eggs as our family eats a lot of … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Breed of Duck

First let me say that I truly believe that ducks are the best animal for a family farm. That is based on a number of different metrics. In my experience they are far more hardy than chickens. They eat less feed than chickens, as ducks are much better foragers. They actually prefer to forage than eat feed alone. On average even the egg laying breeds of duck will put as much meat on the table as will a chicken. My welsh harlequin ducks will lay more eggs on average per duck over a longer period … [Read more...]

Raising Sheep for Milk

Raising sheep for milk is not something new. It has been done for thousands of years. This practices was common in Europe near Mediterranean Sea but has now spread far. In the US, the industry is still new and mostly in the New England and Upper Midwest. Sheep milk is highly nutritious as compared to cow or goat milk. It is richer in calcium, vitamins A, B, and E , potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. The major health benefit that comes with the short- and medium-chain fatty acids from sheep … [Read more...]